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Addressing Common Concerns

I want a vending machine placed at my business. How much do I have to pay?

We retain ownership of the vending machines we place meaning you don't have to pay for the machine. You are only responsible for the cost of electricity and other utilities related to the vending machine's general functioning. We take care of the rest.

Do I have a say in what products are offered in the vending machine?

We reserve the right to stock our machines with products we feel will sell the best. However, we are open to suggestions and encourage our customers to reach out to us with any product suggestions they may have. We do our best to accommodate these requests.

How simple is the process for getting a vending machine placed at my location?

The process is very simple! It starts with you submitting an interest form. CLICK HERE. We'll reach out within 24-hrs of receiving your request to go over the details you provided. If all is agreed upon, we'll send you a contract to review and sign. Once signed by both parties, your new machine will be ordered and prepped for shipment. All our machines come with White Glove Delivery. That means they are brought in, unboxed, and the trash is disposed of. All that's left if to plug in the machine and stock it (we do that of course). 

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